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As the world increasingly goes digital, more and more businesses are looking for ways to manage their ever-growing digital assets. This is where Engineering Asset Management ( EAM ) comes in. It is the process of identifying, tracking, and maintaining digital and physical assets throughout their lifecycle. This includes everything from development and testing to deployment and operations.

Digital assets can be anything from code and configuration files to images, videos, and documents. Engineering asset management helps organizations keep track of their digital assets, understand their value, and optimize their use. fieldNXT Engineering Asset Management ( EAM ) is the process of acquiring, managing, and disposing of assets in a way that maximizes their value to the organization. Engineering asset management is a specialized type of asset management that deals with the specific assets used in engineering and manufacturing.

The goal of engineering asset management is to streamline the process of asset maintenance and navigation.With the help of engineering asset management, organizations can better track their assets, optimize their utilization, and improve their overall efficiency. EAM is a multidisciplinary mixture of physical asset management, financial considerations, and information technologies. If you are looking for the #1 solution for managing your engineering assets, you are at the right destination!